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Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Take the next Home Fitness Challenge

Starting July 27th I’ll be hosting a new home fitness challenge for our new MUSCLE BURNS FAT (#mbf ) HOME WORKOUT PROGRAM. Think CrossFit + great music tempo - unnecessary heavy lifting.

I'm totally bummed to have to wait till postpartum to take this one on but PUMPED to be able to get you started with it.

Here is a short video overview

What is #mbf Muscle Burns Fat?

#mbf is comprised of two 3-week programs—#mbf Muscle Burns Fat and #mbfa Muscle Burns Fat Advanced—designed to be done back-to-back. #mbf will help you get lean, strong, and healthy as you ignite your metabolism and incinerate fat. You’ll work out every day for 3 weeks for 25- to 35-minutes of strength-training and cardio workouts.

The goal is to get toned, tight, and ready to blast into the next 3 weeks of #mbfa, where the intensity is dialed up to push you harder for an even greater total-body transformation.

Who is #mbf for?

Anyone who wants to see real results from their fitness and nutrition in a short time.

Anyone who wants to lose weight, get healthy, and create better eating habits.

Anyone who wants an effective, simple to follow workout that fits their lifestyle.

Anyone who likes a good challenge.

When can I start?

Now: Free Sample Workout

July 7: VIP Discount Members Launch

July 27: Customer launch

What support will I have?

By taking on this challenge you become part of our online Fitness Community. Our private accountability and support group will help walk you through the entire program from start to finish.  I will be there to answer your questions and the community will be there to help you stay accountable, inspired, and committed to your health goals.

How do I join?

Fill out the form below for more info

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