Pregnancy Must-Haves From a First Time Fit Mom

I started my health and fitness journey over 10 years now.

From the moment we decided it was the right time for us to get pregnant, I was committed to sharing just how possible it is to continue being fit and healthy throughout pregnancy.

It's been a wonderful privilege.

I'm sure you can relate when I say I feel an undeniable duty to care for my vessel as best I can at this special stage -- to do everything I can to make sure my body is at its best in order to continue incubating at its best.

My passion lies in empowering women in their health and fitness. I especially love researching high-quality nutrition and fitness tools for you. I put in the work to make your life easier.

So to help, I have rounded up some of my favorite products to support your own fit pregnancy journey.

I am by no means a doctor, nutritionist, or expert so please, take this list with a grain of salt and consult your Dr./Midwife before trying anything new.

If your goal is to keep stretch marks at a minimum...

Burt's Bees Mama Bee Belly Butter

Amazon, $10.18

Designed for mamas, nourish your belly before and after pregnancy with this rich, moisturizing Burt's Bees Belly Butter. I apply this daily after my shower.

100% Natural Mama Bee Nourishing Body Oil

Amazon, $5.29

This 100% natural body oil was created specifically for moms to be as it helps recondition and revitalize skin throughout pregnancy keeping skin soft. I apply this daily after my shower.

Beachbody Collegen Boost

My coach shop, $34.95

Just add 1 scoop to your favorite beverage to help increase skin elasticity. -- Because strong and healthy skin is nourished from the inside.

* this is a product I personally sell, for questions

If your goal is to stay fit...

Pre & Post Natal Barre Blend

My coach shop

I have followed this pre & postnatal program my entire pregnancy -- it's amazing! It both educated and empowered me throughout my journey. Email for more info

Your membership includes me as your coach!

If your goal is to get all of the right vitamins and nutrients...

Ritual Essential Prenatal

Ritual, $35

The next-generation prenatal with 12 essential nutrients for your body and baby, before and during pregnancy. No shellac, synthetic fillers, or shady additives. Just clean ingredients in two small pills. This prenatal has been great! I trust the company and their values. Get $15 off on me.*


My coach shop, $129.00

On top of 16–17 g of high-quality protein, Shakeology also contains so much nutrition your body craves—digestive enzymes, prebiotics, probiotics, adaptogens, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, all crucial to being healthy and feeling great. I've been drinking shakeology for 10 years. I trust the company, rep the product, and swear by the nutrient density it provides in just one tasty glass -- pregnant or not.

** this is a product I personally sell, for questions

Ultimate Power Greens

My coach shop, $54.95

A combination of 6 powerful greens, including kale, matcha, cucumber, celery, spinach and chlorella.

The 1st trimester was no fun. Power greens kept me nourished when all I felt like eating were crappy no nutrition refined carbs. I had major food aversions the first few weeks and I imagined it would only get worse if I didn't nourish myself and baby properly. I ended up ordering a box of these ( 30 packets) and it was an absolute game changer! I would either pour a packet into a glass of water with salt and lemon or pour them into a banana shake. I felt a lot better knowing I was still nourishing my body even though I wasn't eating nearly enough greens.

* this is a product I personally sell, for questions

If your goal is to wear comfortable workout gear...

Senita Athletics

Senita Athletics is committed to providing an affordable product without compromising quality. They have activewear for every stage of life. I absolutely fell in love with this brand. The quality is amazing and at such a reasonable price! Use this link to Get 10% off

If your goal is a good night's sleep...

Reishi Mushroom Elixir

Amazon, $28.33

The most nourishing way to get a good night’s sleep. Feels like a dream. It’s the best way to leave your stress behind and feel great the next day. I started off my pregnancy averaging 4 trips to the RR and tossing and turning for hours. This tea has been so good to me.

Ease Magnesium

Amazon, $28.95

Ease magnesium spray helps you get better sleep. Magnesium is an effective, natural remedy for relaxing muscles and preventing the cramps, spasms, leg pain, and restless legs syndrome that may keep us awake during pregnancy. It also helps reduce hormone-induced pregnancy headaches -- bonus! Another supplement I swear by pregnant or not!

If your goal is healthier a healthier bowel movement...

Ease Magnesium

Amazon, $28.95

I must add this one in again! As much as 38% of women experience constipation in pregnancy. If you’re one of the many women facing this challenge, magnesium is here to help you move things along. This is a very gentle way to get things moving.

Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar

Your health food store or Amazon, $9.02

I personally have so much faith in ACV for MANY things. In this case, 1 tsp of ACV before each meal will help your digestion and help reduce that pesky indigestion that appears during pregnancy. * note: It must read unfiltered "with the mother"

Squatty Potty Amazon, $24.99

This is not a joke. Squatty Potty is proven to improve colon health and will improve symptoms of hemorrhoids, constipation, and bloating. You'll experience a more complete elimination and your bathroom visits will be much, much shorter. -- It's magical!

If your goal is a good pregnancy read...

The Mama Natural Week-by-Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth

Amazon, from $12.99

A week by week pregnancy guide from a natural perspective!

Top 10 things you'll learn in this book:

  1. Your perfect pregnancy diet (with weekly recipes)

  2. How to ditch toxins in your beauty & cleaning routine

  3. Natural remedies for common pregnancy symptoms

  4. The truth about epidurals (and other interventions)

  5. How to create your birth "dream team"

  6. How & why to eat your placenta (or not)

  7. Natural pain relief during labor

  8. What to do during each stage of labor

  9. Tips to navigate all those newborn interventions

  10. How to start breastfeeding on the right foot, er, boob

Note: When you buy anything from this post, I may get a few nickels and dimes in return. It helps keep the blog lights on :) Thank you for your love, trust, and support.

Is there a product that completely changed your life during pregnancy? Leave a comment and tell us all about it.

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